ZE-50-ULH Power Generation Module

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Designed using the most advanced technologies, the ZE-50-ULH power generation module from Zuccato Energia is a compact solution for the exploitation of small, low-temperature heat sources. As such, it is ideal to recover waste heat from engines and industrial processes as well as from geothermal or thermal solar sources.

The ZE-50-ULH requires 550Kw of 

thermal power ( Biomass Boiler ) 

It has easy connections via the flow/return and waste heat can be used in conjunction with fans etc.

The ZE-50-ULH Power Generation Module seen from the control panel side. 
The cabinet beside the control panel holds the inverters and the mains interface boards

The ZE-50-ULH Power Generation Module from the thermal interface side. 

The heart of the system - our custom-designed 50-kWE ORC turbine generator.

The ULH-50 Control panel, a ruggedized touch-screen system specially developed for Zuccato Energia
by Intercomp, equipped with an easy-to-use, upgradeable user interface software. 

Above: The custom-designed heat exchangers, which allow a significant performance boost

Above: The GPRS antenna which allows the skid to interface with the Internet for remote monitoring & diagnostics.  

ZE-50-ULH Module Specifications

General Specifications                                   Value

Thermal Power                                           input550 kWT

Electric Power Output                                50 kWE

System Efficiency                                        9.6 (typ.)

Water Input temperature                           ≥ 94°C / 201.2°F

Water Output Temperature                       86°C / 186.8°F

Maximum Input water flow (550kWt)       14.93 kg/s (32.8 lbs/s)

Minimum Input water flow                        14.33 kg/s (31,6 lbs/s)

Dimensions (L x W x H)                              3.8 x 1.8 x 2.25 m (12.46 x 5.9 x 7.4 ft)

Weight (including working fluid)                  3100 kg / 6835 lbs

Condenser Specifications                              Value         

Condenser Power Dissipation                   470 kWt

Condenser Water Input T                           26 °C (78,8°F)

Condenser Water Output T                        33 °C (91,4°F)

Condenser Circuit Water Flow                   22.46 kg/s (49.51 lbs/s)

Generator  Specifications                               Value


Type                                                                Syncronous, permanent magnet, water cooled,

                                                                        with built-in sinchronizer and rectifier

Power Output                                               50 kWE

Speed                                                             15,000 rpm

Output Voltage                                             650-850 VAC

Required Water Cooling                              5kWT

Cooling Water Temperature                       < 40°C / 104°F

Cooling Water Flow                                      10 l/min

Additional Cooling (opt.)                             Working fluid injection

Gas-Tight up to                                             2.5 bar (36.25 psi)

Inverter  Specifications                                   Value

Type                                                               IGBT, grid-synchronized, air-cooled, complete with braking                                                                         chopper.

Power Output                                              50 kWE

Output Voltage                                            400 V AC (360 ÷ 445)

Output Frequency                                       50 Hz (47.5 ÷ 51.5)

Ambient Temperature                                40°C /104°F

Braking                                                          Chopper

Built-in,                                                          75 kJ

Turbine  Specifications                                   Value

Type                                                             Radial, fixed-nozzle, directly coupled to the generator

Input Temperature                                    85 °C (185°F)

Output Temperature                                 ∼ 60 °C  (140°F)

Stage Pressure                                           PS 4,42 bar /24.1 psi  (tested up to 10 bar /145 psi)

Turbine Body                                              Welded Steel

Impeller Material                                        Aluminium Alloy

Speed Control                                             Loopback on generator output

Impeller Seal                                               Sealed Labyrinth on impeller back (opt.)

Generator Seal (opt.)                                 Sealed axial labyrinth on generator interface

Environmental Seals                                  Static O-rings and gaskets

Working Fluid  Specifications                        Value

Working Temperature                                60°C < T <165 °C  (140°F < T < 329°F)

Condensation Temperature                      ≤ 85 °C

Operating pressure                                    20 bar / 290 psi

Toxicity                                                         Non-toxic

Biodegradability                                         100%

Ozone Impact Zero                                    (ozone friendly)


What is Zuccato Energia?

Zuccato Energia Srl is an Italian SME, with legal seat in Verona, Italy. It is specialized in design, development, manufacture and distribution of system for power production from renewable sources, with particular regard with small-size turbogenerators (up to 500 kWe) based on the Low Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (LT-ORC), a particular closed-loop thermodynamic cycle  which is ideally suited for the conversion of low/medium temperature (100-200°C) thermal sources into electric power. As designer and builder of its systems, Zuccato Energia can also offer custom-made systems tailored to specific client needs.

Our Mission

To work every day with maximum care, commitment and professionality to ensure that each of our clients receives a high-tech, high-quality solution to its own specific power production needs.

Our Values

The strong points which distinguish Zuccato Energia:

  • Flexibility

  • Dynamicity

  • Creativity

  • Enterprise ethics

  • Sustainability

  • Enviromantal friendliness

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