Used Biomass Boilers

Woodfields Biomass Ltd has been supplying and installing boilers for over four years, and as such have an extensive portfolio of clients who have either upgraded their machinery ( EX: Batch boiler to automated equipment ) or no longer have a use for their biomass equipment, creating a surplus of used biomass boilers.


All boilers will be RHI accredited, which means that subject to ofgem approval the payments can be moved from existing client to new.


We can offer stand-alone boilers or containerized solutions, depending on your needs, we will ensure that we are working for the best outcome for YOU and not us as with many other companies in the renewable energy sector.


We can help with installation as well as general advice on the RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive) 


If you have a biomass boiler which you are interested in selling then please get in touch on 01335 372728.


FACI 199Kw Wood-Chip Boiler - Accredited for Wood-Chip drying. 17Years RHI Approx left.


Price: POA



FACI FSS390 containerised solution 


Price: POA 


These FACI390 (384 Kw ) boilers are accredited for space heating at 5.24p.


They are perfect for heating your commercial premises, as part of your heating solution.




GlenFarrow 295Kw Batch Boiler.

Accredited for Log drying


Price: POA


This batch boilers set up is already accredited for Log chip and hay drying ( if you wish to dry Hay you will need to E-mail Ofgem to advise of the change of use )


The equipment is 2 years old and has 18 years of RHI payments left.


The current owner is upgrading to automated equipment, so there is an opportunity to grab these units at a fantastic price.


The RHI payments are made up of the following:


  • A Boiler Rating ( peak Output ) 295Kw

  • B Tier 1 Rate 5.24p

  • C Tier 2 Rate 2.27p

  • D Load Factor 30%

  • E Hours per Year 8,760

  • F Load factor Per Year 2.628

  • G Annual Use Kw 775,260

  • H Tier 1 Break Point 1,314

  • I Maximum Tier 387,630

  • J RHI Tier 1 Payment £20,311.81

  • K Tier 2 Start Point 387,630

  • L RHI Tier 2 Payment £8,799.20

  • M Annual RHI Payment £29,111.01*Approx

5.24p & 2.27p are now locked in on the RHI and is a far better tariff than is offered to new additions to the scheme.


In Plain English, this boiler will pay for itself in the first few years of operation, and with 18 years of RHI payments locked in , its an excellent investment.



Emissions, Planning and Legislation:

GlenFarrow Biomass Boilers are not approved for UK smokeless zones.It is always the customer's responsibility to check for planning regulations, requirements and any other relevant legislation ( for your geographical area )



These are fully contained, The sale includes the Boiler itself and a 40ft Container which houses the Heat exchanger , Pumps , internal lighting and all ancillary components required to operate the system.


Please call us on 01335 372728 to register your interest.




750kw Dragon Boiler

Current tariff is 5.59p Kw/h T1 and 2.43p Kw/h T2 which means the max T1 payment is around £55,000 Per Annum.

This unit is still in good condition having been undercover and only used for 3.5 years.

The customer has now upgraded meaning this unit is now surplus to requirements


Emissions and Legislation

Please Check with your local authority that you are not in a smoke-controlled zone.

The most important criteria on installations under 400 kW, is that the smoke must not be a nuisance. When burning damp fuel (such a straw), the moisture has to be driven off as white steam.

This type of smoke is allowed for approximately 20 minutes after re-loading until the water temperature is restored. Smoke can be reduced by fitting an accumulator tank.

When burning waste wood or pallets, you will need to complete a U4 exemption form from the Environment Agency which will allow you to burn your waste product.

The U4 allows you to burn at up to 50kg per hour, which would equate to (as an approximation)  a 240 kW Dragon boiler.

The U4 application can be done online

Please note that the Renewable Heat Incentive is a government backed scheme and that any figures or rules quoted are subject to change by OFGEM and will be correct at the time of writing.


Maintenance of a Dragon boiler is straight forward.

Empty the ash, clean the heat exchanger tubes with the tools provided and check the back box.

 Fuel Types:

All Dragon Biomass boilers can burn virgin wood, waste wood, straw, cardboard, in fact, most dry natural products

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990Kw Ala talkkari Boiler 


on 6p for 

Wood-Chip Drying


This unit is actually brand new and has never been used, noir fired uo!

it was previously accredited for Space Heating at 6p per Kwh and has 15 years left to run on the RHI Scheme, making this an extremely attractive proposition.

This is a fully automated machine.

Ala-Talkkari’s heating boiler, Veto 990 stoker boiler is mainly intended for heating, for example, farms, greenhouses, larger premises and district heating plants. The new red-black appearance ensures that this boiler is pleasing to the eye. The boiler is fitted with its own spacious ash base, with several easy-to-use maintenance hatches. The orientation of the boiler can be chosen by the customer (e.g. the burner head on the left, on the right or at the front). The boiler’s convection section is tube-shaped. The tube-shaped structure enables the heat collection area to be large. Due to its user-friendliness and adaptability, the Veto 990 stoker boiler is a secure and domestic choice.

Technical information:

Length, external dimension: 3430 mm

Width, external dimension: 1740 mm

Height, external dimension: 2700 mm

Width, flue gas conduit: 1000 mm

Height, flue gas conduit: 200 mm

Flue gas conduit height from the floor (to the middle of the conduit): 180 mm

Domestic water coil: –

Heating circuit outputs: 1 x DN120 + 2 x 2”

Mixing Valve: –

Electric resistance connector: –

Nominal capacity: 990 kW

Weight: 7500 kg

Water container: 4200 l


pneumatic cleaner,

ash screw,

rear circuit ash screws,

flue gas cleaner