Pallet Chipper

The manually fed pallet chipper SPE 1300 has been constructed specifically for shredding pallets and wood waste to high quality wood chips.

The results of the use of this stationary driven machine are precious wood chips with a size from G30 to G50. There can be achieved an hourly throughput up to 30 pallets.

The chipper has a reversible counter knife and 36 rotating cutting blades, which are intended for a two times utilization. As there is no forced-feed mechanism, the feed is made current-saving due to the own weight of the chipping material. The drive of the cutting unit is performed by a belt drive via electric mo- tor.

In developing the machine, attention was paid to be simple to operate and to keep maintenance expense to a minimum.

In order that the wood chips obtained can be conveyed out of the offered pallets chipper, normally a cross-auger on the bottom is necessary. This is available in total lengths of 1,5 m up to 6,0 m. The increments are made in steps of 0,1 m. The length of the open area of the cross-auger, which is located below the chipper, always amounts to 1,3 m.

For the continuation of the wood chips an inclined-auger is available.

This can be flanged on the open end of the cross-auger. The completely closed inclined-auger is avail- able in lengths of 1,0 m up to 5,0 m. The grid dimension also amounts to 0,1 m.

With the pallet chipper SPE 1300 natural pallets, which usually have to be disposed, can be trans- formed to valuable fuel.


Technical Data:

Length: 1940 mm Width: 1200 mm Height: 1920 mm

Filling opening: 1320 mm x 220 mm

Weight: 1000 kg

Rotor speed: 60u/min

Rotor diameter: 300 mm Number of blades: 36 Pieces Perforated filter: 30 mm Driving power: 18.5 kW

Sound pressure level:2 d 8b (LPA 1 m)