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333kw Wood Drying System

Ala Talkkari 120 x 2 woodchip boilers

Moretti 93 pellet boiler

6p/ kwhr and 15 years left on the RHI non domestic scheme.

This is a fantastic wood drying system with many years left of the non domestic RHI.

The system includes all of the above named equipment  in excellent condition < Please see photographs for a closer look >

If you are interested in this or any other pre-accredited boiler please call us on 01335 372728 and ask for Arthur.

** We get new stock in weekly so please contact us if you cannot find the equipment you are looking for , We may just be able to help you source what you require **

See below for more Technical data on each boiler.



High performance at low cost, that is the Moretti CS100a pellet boiler. This type of pellet boiler produces hot water for both domestic water use and for heating, using low cost fuels such as wood pellets, nut shells etc.

The main feature of this unit is the the very high reduction in operating costs (up to 78%) while providing a level of performance identical to traditional gas, oil and methane boilers.This unit has a capacity of 93KW and is suitable for heating homes, greenhouses, industrial warehouses or whole buildings.

The boiler comes with a single water jacket as standard which can provide hot water and central heating and can have a second water jacket installed for direct hot water.

This family of boiler are ideally suited for many installations. Including large houses, pubs, industrial units, warehouses and farms.

  • Efficient, environmentally friendly heating

  • Domestic or industrial use

  • Up to 78% reduction in operating cost

  • Option secondary direct hot water circuit

  • 93KW capacity

Glenfarrow Wood drying


Ala-Talkkari’s Veto 120 biomass boiler (heating boiler) is mainly intended for heating farms and larger premises.

The new red-black appearance ensures that this boiler is pleasing to the eye.

The gauge and the hatches are also more user-friendly than before. The orientation of the boiler can be chosen by the customer (e.g. the burner head on the left, on the right or at the front). Due to its user-friendliness and adaptability, the Veto 120 biomass boiler is a secure and domestic choice.

Technical information:

Length, external dimension: 1340 mm

Width, external dimension: 820 mm

Height, external dimension: 1580 mm

Flue gas conduit (round): Ø 193.7 mm

Flue gas conduit height from the floor (to the middle of the conduit): 180 mm

Domestic water coil: – Heating circuit outputs: 2 x 2” Mixing valve: 1 pc incl. in standard delivery Electric resistance connector: – Nominal capacity: 120 kW

Weight: 880 kg Water container: 385 l Accessories: a secondary mixing valve (shunt), ash screw, pneumatic cleaner

Glenfarrow 295 + 210 =505kw +Plant Room + 20ft drying kiln for logs and chip drying

This plant is accredited for log drying and wood drying. It was accredited on 5.24p/kw with index linked is nearly 6p and has the option of log drying and chip drying. low use and ready to relocate.

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