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How can it benefit me?

Biomass qualifies for the RHI ( renewable Heating Incentive )  scheme which has been designed to financially reward people who use renewable energy to heat their homes or businesses.

The aim of the RHI is to try to achieve our 12% target for producing heat via renewable sources by 2020

The scheme currently runs in England Wales and Scotland

The RHI tarrif payments are designed to offset the investment needed to manage a renewable energy system.

Once your application has been successful you will be eligible for quarterly tariff payments direct from the UK Government for every Kilowatt Hour (Kwh) of heat you produce , these payments will last for 20 years.

The amount you are paid will depend on the type of system you install as well as other factors.

The Energy regulator Ofgem is responsible for dealing with RHI applications and payments



As well as the obvious financial rewards associated with a Biomass system there are also some other major advantages:

  • Sustainable

  • Requires less maintenance 

  • Produces little or no waste

  • Minimal impact on the environment

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