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Faci 390 Biomass Boiler

FACI 390 Biomass boiler front view

This woodchip/pellet boiler (faci model 390 - 384Kw) is built with thick steel plate, it burns wood residues of various sizes that are loaded through an automatic system.

Various fuels can be used ,and it can be made up of: chopped pruning, sawmill rejects and biomass fuel resulting from Arboricultural activities.

Woodchip installations, can be used for residential buildings, and are particularly suitable for the heating of medium and large sized buildings, such as farms, hotels, schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

The woodchip boiler can also be fuelled with solid materials and wood logs. It can be used in conguction with different sources of heat ,such as solar panels, Heat Centres, thermal stoves, etc

Standard Accessories

The digital control panel allows the complete control of combustion, and indication of the operation such as ignition, stabilization, ignition recovery, normal modulation, self maintaining, safety, power off, power off check.

The automatic safety functions include: reactivation of the pump in case of freezing and over temperature, fuel safety, heating flue cutting device.

The parameters available to the customer for adjustments, control and information are as follows:

  • Indication by LED of the controlled element operation

  • Combustion blower speeds

  • System pump activation temperature

  • Water delivery temperature (between 65 and 85c)

  • Auto / Manual operation

  • Pause timing at maintaining stage

  • Fume temperature measure (by a purposely allocated probe)

  • Environmental thermostat and chrono contacts

  • Crushed fuel activation / deactivation  

  • Wood fuel activation / deactivation  

  • Safety thermostat on the control panel c/w manual reset

  • Light display for continuous temperature indicator

  • Water of the operating status and alarms (if any)

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