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FACI208 Biomass Boiler

The FACI mixed combustion boiler, produced with high quality steel, guarantees a high combustion output thanks to the three flow passages and, consequently, a remarkable energy saving.

The heat exchanger is made of iron, seamless smoke tubes immersed into the water and placed inside a cylinder in the upper part of the combustion chamber. The burner, with a double fallback

auger, avoids the back fire in a natural way and it is ideal for burning all crushed fuels. The electronic control, through a digital system, is able to regulate all parameters necessary to the best operational

functioning of the boiler. FACI boilers can also be used together with different sources of heat such as fireplaces closed for heating centres, solar panels, gas

boilers, thermal stoves, etc.


FACI –Mixed combustion boiler

Fuel used - Crushed solid fuel (pellets, olive residues,

almond shells, pine nuts) firewood manually charged, etc

Power: - Starting from 26 KW

Control panel: - Digital panel

Efficiency: - ≥ 91%

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